Holiday Gift Guide For Guitar Players

Check out this little gift guide I put together for my students.  It contains some great products that I use on a day-to-day basis!

Holiday Gift Guide for Guitar Players:
Clip-On Tuner  ($3.99)
There are several options available for clip-on tuners, but I've found this one from to be adequate and at this price, it can't be beat!  Great for players of all levels.  Check it out here.
Planet Waves Guitar Rest ($7)
I bought one of these recently and it's super helpful.  It's not quite a guitar stand, but it allows you to stand your guitar up against a desk or other flat surface.  Check it out here.
Planet Waves Guitar Headstand ($9)
An inexpensive solution for those who work on their own guitars.  I use it for string changes, and other adjustments.  It lets you lay your guitar on a flat surface and keeps it secure while you work.  Check it out here.
*Note: When using something like this, I recommend placing a soft towel on the surface just so you don't scratch the body of the guitar on a table or desk.
Planet Waves Pro Winder and Cutter ($6.99)
A must-have tool for the guitar player who changes their own strings.  This is a string winder and wire cutter combined.  Makes string changes easier and more efficient.  Check it out here.
Line 6 Sonic Port ($99)
I featured this interface in a prior newsletter.  It lets you plug your guitar into your ipad or iphone to create realistic amp and effects sounds.  This is suited to intermediate and advanced players, but it can act as a practice amp for beginners as well.  Check it out here.
*Note there are other interfaces available at varying prices.  The sonic port has more capabilities and greater sound quality than some of the less expensive ones.  Feel free to check out some of those - I just haven't played them, so I can't personally recommend.
Pedaltrain Nano and Mini Pedalboards ($49.99 - $69.99)
The entry-level, smaller pedalboards offered by Pedaltrain.  For those wanting to organize a few pedals, this is a great way to start.  I've owned almost every model of Pedaltrain, and I highly recommend their products.  Check out the Nano here and the Mini here.
TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedals ($99 - $159)
These are simple pedals designed to let you jam along to yourself playing.  The basic concept is that you can create a repeating guitar sound by recording a part and creating musical layers over top of that.  This is great for the intermediate or advanced player that wants to start experimenting with improvising, soloing, or guitar textures. Check the two models out here.
Line 6 Spider Amps  ($99 - $400)
These amps are more suited for the beginner or intermediate student who mainly practices at home.  They have various models depending on how large or loud you need the amp.  I think even the smallest 1x8 model is a good little inexpensive amp for practicing.  It includes some cool built in effects and several amp channels to get you going.  Check them out here.
Westone UM Pro In Ear Monitors ($149 - $399)
Noise-cancelling in-ear headphones for those wanting to take their listening to the next level.  These are used at the professional level for live performance or in the studio, but intermediate and advanced players looking for a better listening experience than stock ipod earbuds may want to check them out.  I use a pair of Westones in my band for live shows.  Check them out here.
Mono Cases Guitar Sleeve ($149.99)
This is a brand new soft case from Mono.  It is super minimal, yet rugged with some great features for protecting your guitar.  I have it's more robust older brother the Vertigo and I love it.  It's a bit on the pricey side (around the same price as a deluxe hard shell case).  Suited for intermediate and advanced players who are a little more on the go.  Check it out here.
Fender Modern Player Guitars ($299 - $499)
These are inexpensive entry-level Fender guitars made in China.  I have owned several models, my favorite being the discontinued Jaguar which now has a sale price of $299. These guitars are pack some cool and non-traditional features into an intermediate level guitar.  For those looking to upgrade from their first starter guitar, this may be a good pick.  I play my jaguar in almost every lesson! Check out some of the models here.

29th Century Guitar Gift CertificatesFinally, to round out this gift guide, may I suggest guitar lessons?!  If you know anyone who is thinking about starting up, a gift certificate would make a pretty rad gift.  Contact me for more details!